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MMG Music is a division of MMG-Model, Talent and Celebrity Management and Agency headquartered in New York City with offices in Toronto, Vancouver and affiliates in LA. MMG Music represents MMG's recording artists and new recording artists, looking to break into, or further their career, in the ever changing music industry. MMG Music manages and represents an Artist's career and also has the capability to record, produce and publish an Artist's song or album. MMG has many years of experience in managing recording artists that have achieved celebrity status, and whose records and have reached gold or platinum sales.

Over the past 10 years the Music Industry has changed dramatically. Today, record labels have become mostly distributors of independent Artists that have created their own music and have established a fan base. More and more new artists are being discovered through appearances on televisions shows and YouTube. Unlike earlier times, new artists come up as independents, generate a fan base, and then are signed to a label.

MMG Music's goal is to promote its talent through all available means; Television, YouTube, and Publishing to create a fan base that will attract a major distributor. MMG Music also looks to market original music to be used in soundtracks for Television and Film.

MMG Music seeks talent that are considered "Triple or Quadruple Threats", which essentially means that the Talent can compete effectively in the areas of Singing, Acting, Dance, and Modeling. These performance skills combined with musical talent dramatically increases the talents marketability and chances of success. MMG Music is a division of MMG-Model, Talent and Celebrity Management and Agency and therefore all MMG Talent are afforded representation for opportunities in all genre's.

In an effort to help new Artists break into the Music Industry, MMG Music has created "The Best New Song Contest" hoping to find the next undiscovered music superstar. Through this year's long contest, the public along with celebrity judges will vote on original music which will be played on MMG's web based Television show "Hollywood's Watching" which airs every Wednesday at 4:00pm Eastern Standard Time. The winner of the year long contest will receive significant publicity and a recording and mix session in a world famous New York City recording Studio.

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May 25, 2011

New songs are up for the Best New Song competition Week 7! Head over to the Listen & Vote page to place your votes!

Tell your friends, tell your family, and tell your friends' families to check out the song selections each week to vote and see which talented artist will win the Best New Song Competition for 2011!